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Below you will see just some of the beautiful babies that have been born here over the years , also pictures of our much loved adult rabbits , some of which were also born at the homestead 


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Binky free my sweet girl Beauty 29/04/08 - 29/03/11.
 Sadly my beautiful Beauty passed on as a result of a Spay operation she had been a brilliant mother and a wonderful example of the breed. The plan was she and Billy were to be bonded permanently together , they both came to live at the homestead within several weeks of each other as babies and they hit it off straight away , they would spend many hours led side be side on their own sides of their enclosure fencings every day , they  really were inseprable.

You'll never! be forgotten my beautiful girl xxx



The Five Freedoms

  1. Freedom from hunger and Thirst - by providing fresh water and the right amount of food to keep them fit
  2. Freedom from Discomfort - by making sure that rabbits have the right kind of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest.
  3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease - by preventing them from getting ill and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly.
  4. Freedom to behave normally - by making sure rabbits have enough space and proper facilities.
  5. Freedom from fear and stress - by making sure their condition and treatment avoid mental suffering.